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The Djanogly Community Orchestra is a Registered Charity No. 1084053. Our constitution states that the orchestra is managed by a committee – comprising three officers (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) and up to 5 other committee members elected from members of the orchestra at the AGM. The committee are responsible for managing the resources of the orchestra (funds, music scores, purchases, the instruments owned by the Orchestra, etc), managing membership, making arrangements for concerts, and, in cooperation with the conductor, for selecting the music for each concert. All fascinating stuff!

The Conductor

Dan Watson


Dan Watson is our Conductor, and joined the orchestra in 2017. He is a freelance UK-based conductor developing his career through a varied portfolio of engagements. He currently holds principal conductorships with The People’s Orchestra, Wyre Forest Symphony Orchestra, Leicestershire Schools Wind Orchestra, Stratford-Upon-Avon Symphony Orchestra, Thumb contemporary music ensemble, and is also Principal Guest Conductor of the Solihull Symphony Orchestra and Associate Conductor of Eroica Camerata, and has recently worked as Musical Director with Birmingham Repertory Theatre. As conductor Dan shares some of the planning with the committee.

The Committee

Jacky Fisher


Jacky Fisher has been a member of the cello section since 2001, and is currently the committee Chairperson. She largely retired a few years ago from her job as a social worker in the field of disability. She hides at the back of the cello section, but loves the opportunity to make great music in a full scale orchestra. You can contact Jacky at:

Laura Ewart


Laura Ewart is a member of the trumpet section, and is our committee Secretary. Laura also works at the Academy which helps us enormously in the liaison and organisation of concerts and rehearsals.

Roger Kilby


Roger Kilby has been with the orchestra since about 1995 and is our Treasurer. He plays violin which he started learning at school, where he achieved grade 8. While at Manchester University he spent spare time singing and playing violin in various groups (up to five a week!) and is still involved in 2 other string groups and 2 choirs in addition to Djanogly Community Orchestra. Roger enjoys our Orchestra because he finds both the friendly atmosphere of the orchestra and the different skill sets needed a real tonic after a day's work, and because it presents the opportunity to tackle some genuinely challenging pieces of music.

Cath Lovatt


Cath Lovatt joined the committee in 2013 as our Membership Secretary, and also manages the Facebook page. She plays clarinet, which she started at school (even performing with a very young Nigel Kennedy!). If you ask her what she really likes about playing with Djanogly she'll tell you its because nobody cares what you do for your day job, it's just about making music. Her favourite from Djanogly repertoire is Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Spring - probably because of the lovely solos for the clarinets.​ You can contact Cath at:

John Thurston


John Thurston joined the committee in 2012, and his role is to Maintain the Orchestra's website (blame me for any typos!). He plays tenor trombone and joined the orchestra in 2009. Having played for many years previously only in a church music group, the transition was challenging at times but was greatly helped and encouraged by other members of the Orchestra. You can contact John at:

Robyn Scott-Chaplin


Robyn Scott-Chaplin joined the orchestra committee in 2015 where her remit is to Manage activities for each concert, (tickets on the door, raffle, drinks, etc). She joined the Orchestra in 2000 as a very new percussionist, and is now our chief timpanist. She only became a committee member after cutting down on her day job, and loves to hear how music is created in front of our ears - just like magic!

Susan Sullivan


Susan Sullivan joined the orchestra in 2016. Her main role on the committee is to secure venues for concerts. A keen choral singer for many years, she decided to learn an instrument in retirement, and wanting one that you neither have to hold up nor blow down, decided on the cello. She is enjoying playing in the friendly cello section.

Other Roles

Stephen Howarth


Stephen Howarth joined the Djanogly Community Orchestra in 2006 and is the Leader. As such has an honorary (non voting) role on the committee. He was introduced to the violin at the age of 5 and was heavily involved with music during the whole of his school life in both choirs and orchestras. His involvement continued with various orchestras and string groups around the country as he pursued his career as a Chemical Engineer. He says that the Orchestra is full of interesting, welcoming and friendly musicians who enjoy making music together and putting on a good performance.

Emma Grishin Alison Raju


Emma Grishin (Flute) and Alison Raju (Horn) share the role of Librarian for the orchestra, helping us get the music we need for our rehearsals and concerts, distributing it to players, and collecting it up and returning it after the concert. As such they are not committee members but play a vital role. You can contact Emma and Alison at: